Here at Taffys Den we’ve got you covered, Begineer, Intermidiet or Expert.

Clases start at 7€ HR


If your looking for a place to train alone with your partner or looking for a new place to bring your own clients



What we Offer

Private Gym in Barcelona

Daily group sessions (4 max) 

Available for Private hire 

Weight loos & Nutrition plans

Outdoor sessions & indoor  Group area

Free Parking and safe place to leave your bikes

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What ever your level or what ever your goals are, PJD PRO will have the solutionfor you to reach your goals.



Private gym Cross Training HIIT with Personal Trainer

Here at Taffy’s we have everything you need to find the new you!! If your looking for a nice quiet private area to train with or without a personal, or you want to join in on a small group class which lets face it your not going to get in a public gym.

Then Taffys is the place with 80 square meters of open plane training space with all the latest material, Olimpic bars and disk large selection on dumbells all the way down the the lightest resistance bands to train as you please. We also have on site our own Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

Your a PT and have your own clients and need a space to go or you haven’t got the material to use outside!! Get in touch today Taffys is here to help in which ever way or form your after to move forward


Taffy’s Den can be booked for a max of 4 people with or without trainer